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I am alive! They appear to be purging inactive accounts, so this is my attempt for that to not happen.
Yes, it rather has been a long time since I posted, hasn't it? My life is quite different than it was back when El-Jay was pretty much my life. To be fair, I still hop on here at least once a day, but it's generally always for Random Fandom or to read up on social issues, not to keep in contact with friends far away. Facebook, AIM and Skype have kept up that role pretty well, but there are still many of y'all who I don't talk to near enough. Mostly my fault, but my days these days seem to be made up of work, family and boyfriend, with very little in between. I need to make time for my friends too :)

And what could get me a-bloggig again? What else but a HARRY POTTER MOVIE!

For the first time since 2005 I did not go opening night. While I really love the atmosphere, I'd have been going by myself- again, because I didn't take the time to find friends to go with. As it is, I went at 10 am this morning, which I think was better for me anyway- I get all today to flip out about it! I certainly intend to go to DH Part 2 at midnight, and because this wasn't the SUPER OMG LAST FILM I wasn't too bothered by it. This, of course, didn't keep me from being up until 2:30 am last night, for completely different reasons.

ANYWAY: Read more...Collapse ) And those are me thoughts. I MIGHT ACTUALLY SEE THIS ONE AGAIN. Whoa.
Holy livejournal, Batman, it's a post!

Yeah, yeah. I've been shit about posting for a while. But reading old posts made me realize that writing actually helps me sort my life a bit. And it's good practice on being eloquent. And honest with myself. The latter of which I may have been avoiding for the last two years, and so got out of the habit. I've not really felt "myself" this consistently in years at this point, and it's about damn time.

I'm in Chicago for merely another week. Who knew I'd miss it this much. I've quite loved the city. It's...vibrant and bright and full. Full of history, buildings with stained glass, sparkling water, and screaming children. I adore it. I love Millennium Park on a beaming day, when you can barely look at the monuments for all that the sun glare will blind you. I love looking over the lake. On a mild day, when the water laps at the shores and the horizon is full of sails. Or when the wind pulls at you and sends grit into your eyes and the waves pound and spray. I love the parks, with the dogs, large and small, curious and shy, leaving a minefield in the grass, all of them. I love Michigan Ave, with the buisness folks, the vacation shoppers, the runners who live here, dammit, and don't give a shit that they're in sweaty shorts and a sports bra in front of Cartier.

To the bookshops. The maze of underground rooms where the temperature is always uncomfortably hot, and where you spend far too much time, even though you went there just to buy the book you need to read for tomorrow's class. To the one with isles with books you want to read all of, really read, like you used to, that desire to just consume the stories like a good meal. To that one you've not entered since you did something both very scintillating and very, very bad there, but can't even get the desire to even feel guilty or screwed up about it anymore.

To the store filled with dolls, that always makes you feel slightly guilty but wonderful at the same time.

To the houses that you walk by every day. To the one overgrown with wild plants and sunflowers 9 feet high, with rusty angel statues and pink trim, where you pretend two British Lesbians live. To the condemned old church that you plan on turning into the world's most awesome-est mansion. To the apartment complexes with gas lamps.

To all the mediocre Thai places I never went to. To the one that I did. and Love. And ate tonight.

To my apartment. To the rattling noises the radiators make when they strain to heat the place. To the wild noises I hear out the windows when they're open. To the great War With The Roaches. To making chili with someone lovely. To getting far to drunk with men who I never slept with but went through stages of wanting to. To the air-matress in the living room, when I couldn't sleep anywhere else. To the nights curled up in the big chair pulled two feet in front of the TV so I could here every last piano-tinkle of Lost. To the Hours of washing dishes while hearing about the Monsters of the world.

To the horrible date. And the chocolates that I couldn't muster guilt about eating.

To the university, and it's insanity. I wish it luck with itself. Let it be happy. The buildings are a joy, studying and napping under the great rafters. To the patches of sun and a sleepy Corgi in a tower office. To the elation of the idea that maybe I finally got SOMETHING right.

To the Museums. Oh GOD the museums. To the Oriental, first. To sleep-deprived and light-deprived grinning at 6th graders. To finding sand in nails, pockets, shoes, teeth all day. To the stale cookies in the volunteer office, and always wondering if I spelled "facilitator" right. To Stratigraphy and Tels, and the Bronze Age. And that freaking chariot wheel. To Tom's robin egg blue office, squished to make room for boxes, machinery from the 60s, and random historical facts. To the Sock Monkey hung on the door.

To the MSI. To the damn dead babies and the fact that they're fascinating and beautiful. To Broken Hamster Wheels and the exhilaration of lightening sparking loudly above you. To the dark old street and bad silent films. To the shiny train and the weird talking donkey.

To the Field. And it's Clearance Section. To the Man Eating Lions and the Weird life size Narwhal. To the dark and wood-paneled corridors of the Plants hall, and sneaking breathless kisses there. To the damn robotic Raptor and the skull with the voice of Johnny Cash (My Name Is Sue, How Do You Do), and to the stacks of mummies that make me twitch. 

To all the things at once. And more, and more. I'll miss it like hell but be glad I never have to do it again.

To packing it all up in boxes and in my head with it's sounds, feels and smells, settled pleasantly next to Cork and Starbuck Floor, a nest of memory to curl up in when I'm longing for something other than where I am.

To the future. To graduation and moving and interviews. To settling into a new emotional life. To seeing new friends and old friends and making a new life. To Ren Faires and trips Up North.

Sometimes it's lovely to remember that sometimes the futures is as bright and shining and full of experiences as the past.
Well, this is old school. Who do I write like? I figure I'll put in different bits of my writing as that seems to get different responses.

From bits of a Steampunk Story:

I write like
Isaac Asimov

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

From bits of a Tin Man fic:

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

From My Story:

I write like
Raymond Chandler

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


And then, because I must

My Thesis:

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Well, then.

I should post more, lol. Life is new, interesting, and different.
Reasons Why Today Was Awesome:

1) I'm on my second thesis draft break, and thus can breath easy for a while on that front
2) It's a holiday weekend, and thus I have a surprise three day weekend!
3) Because of the above, I get to sleep in without guilt or anything but my own business for the first time in MONTHS
4) The weather is fantastic
5) I went to two of my favorite bookstores today
6) At one of said bookstores, I won second place in a Steampunk themed raffle, wherein I won a mug
7) Outside the grocery store, I saw a whole pig being roasted. I engaged in conversation about it with a 12 year old boy and and old man.
8) I've had 1776 in my head since yesterday, and am now watching it.
9) I haz Cider
10) Taste of Chicago and Fireworks tomorrow!

Before, I'm sure, other responses taint my own. I have to write my own response. No real spoilers.

I feel perfectly zen. I think there were problems in the "huge" mythology, but in the end, the show wasn't about that. It was about the people, the characters, and how they find themselves through each other. And that was how it ended. Many of the problems with the overarching story lines were casualties of the media the story was told in, and they did the best they could with it.

I have said it before, and I believe it remains true. Lost is not the best television show there is, but it is my favorite.
So. It has come. The end of Lost. Other fictional loves have come and gone, and some have covered a great length of time and life experiences. The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy took me from Junior High to High School, but it had roots all the way back to my childhood. Harry Potter brought me from the very first week of seventh grade, through high school and college to my trip overseas. Now Lost, something that I have loved for 6 years (only 2 years less than my Harry Potter journey) has come to a conclusion. I started watching Lost my senior year in High School, the same week, I believe, that I started watching House. In that first year, I was a bigger House fan, and when I left for college, it was Lost that well and truly kept my interest through the ups and downs of my drama-filled Freshman year, despite the fact that second season was probably the weakest. House began to bore me, though I honestly wouldn't mind catching up at this point. Lost has seen me through four different schools, though I don't think I ever watched any when I was at UCC. It saw me through four boyfriends and three heartbreaks (one not related to the aforementioned boys), two graduations, and living in three different states. It made me laugh, cry, scream and ponder. It made me search the interwebs with renewed force, and helped me hone my skills at being really good at finding stuff out. I have been so many different people since the start of this show, but one thing has not changed, and that is the sheer emotional investment into which I pour into something I really love. And this show. DAMN do I love this show.

It's had it's ups and downs. It's characters and plots I hated. But I hated them only because I knew it could, and did, do so much better. It's had wonderful complex characters, and a way of telling it's story that very few other shows have managed to make work enough to pull off a good conclusion. The scenery and music have been amazing. The effects have been, on occasion, very silly.

In the end, however it ends, I think I'll still love it. I don't WANT to dislike an ending to something I love. Despite the fact that for sure I would have liked "more perfect" endings to many of my favorite things. The Harry Potter epilogue was slightly silly. The end of Return of the King was poorly edited and I wanted an epilogue soooo badly. The pairings at the end of Avatar: the Last Airbender made me cringe. But I found enough in everything else to make them lovely, epic, and satisfying for me. And I think, and hope, that Lost will be the same.

Before I write my final reactions and predictions, I will first have some history. Since, for as long as I have loved this show, I have blogged about this show.

The eljay says that by tags, I have about 35 posts about Lost. I am quite positive I've missed some. Even through that, I don't believe I had any posts about Season 5 as it came out, as I was too wrapped in my own personal drama at the time. Regardless, a little retrospective:

1. First post ( The Amish Chatrooms, posted a mere 6 days after Lost premiered on Sept. 22, 2004) : ...and Lost (Did I write about this? It's like a cross between Gilligan's Island, Jurassic Park, and a little bit of ER. Almost so stupid it's funny. And Dom's in it, which makes it worth watching ^__^ ) 
Oh how little I knew, that wee, 17 year old me.

2. And the bond is finally sealed ( POLARBEARS, posted in reaction to the first season finale): "Holy hell. What a damn good show."

3. Most embarrassing (in retrospect) post: (Precious is no longer Lost, in which I call "Stranger in a Strange Land" since touted by all, and agreed by me, as the worst Lost episode ever, a "NICE Jack flashback for once" heh)

4. Silliest in Retrospect: (Omgwtf Lost Ponderings, shortly into season 2) In which I ponder who is all on the Island, and I am, amazingly, mostly right. I also ponder favorite characters and relationships, and say "and, hell, I like Desmond, too". HAHAHAA.

5. Most "spot on" in retrospect (O.o before the season 2 finale, after Michael went rogue). Here I expound on a theory that after you have an epiphany and become more of a good person, you die. This is hilarious now that it has appeared that when the Island is "done with you" ...you are clearly done with it. But, as good old Daniel says, people are the variables, and I think sometimes even they change what the Island does.

6. Most depressing in retrospect (OMGWTF FINALE before the season 3 finale): Here I give a list of the "People Who Are Not Allowed to Die, Pretty Much Ever." Of the 7 I list here, 3 are dead. Of the 6 people I have under "People Who Are Allowed to Die (In Some Cases Soonpleaz)," 4 are dead, and none of the "Soonpleaz"s. All of those 6 I mourned. Lol, "Is (Locke's) story finished?" Hell no. Even after his death, it's not done yet. 

And now....End of Series ThoughtsCollapse )
Is there a film that you think is perfect in its original form and should never be remade?

I think the Wizard of Oz. While I absolutely adore new takes on it- such as Tin Man and Wicked (the Musical), and quite like adaptions of the sequels that are closer to the source material, I just don't think the original can be beat. No matter how far it is from the actual source material, which I love as well. Actually, while I adored all the other Oz books, I generally stayed away from the Wizard of Oz, as it just wasn't as good.

This is likely personal preference, because it was the first movie we had in our house EVER. Yup, I was a Wizard of Oz fan BEFORE I was a Lord of the Rings fan, folks!
Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/musicals/TV shows/etc. and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

(You are warned- TV Tropes link. It will consume your soul.)

1. Extraordinarily Empowered Girls kill zombies with bells.

2. Serial killer can't be bothered to actually kill anyone with his favorite deathtrap, dies from a kiss to the forehead.

3. A misogynist addicted to smoking and cocaine lives together with an ex-army doctor with a mysteriously migrating injury. Together, They Fight Crime! The Big Bad is a math teacher.  Shelock Holmes, first guessed by Ayla (off-site), then by therageofstone 

4. A group of dysfunctional people are chased by their pissed-off children. In Space!

5. In Soviet Russia New York, taxi pays YOU!!

6. An entomologist, a former stripper, a gambling addict, and a group of nerds and geeks perform obscure activities in a lab to musical accompaniment. They Fight Crime. CSI by ginnycarol , Vegas added by therageofstone 

7. A series about a really old man who spends his lifetime convincing young hot girls to join him inside a (flying, time traveling) phone box. He is routinely harassed by tin men, giant nazi pepperpots and one of his college buddies. Doctor Who, by pirateliera 

8. Incredibly tall man repeatedly prevents his almost-as-tall employer from marrying. His reward usually comes in the form of destroying the garments of his employer.  Jeeves and Wooster by ginnycarol 

9. People stuck in a place where weird things happen and no one has any idea what's happening. Not even the producers. Also features a soap opera set in East Asia. (SURVIVOR??? Come on, Chris :-P)

10. A variety show—starring assorted singing and dancing animals, not to mention talking food—where nearly all of the acts end in total disaster. Comes complete with its own MST3K riffers.  The Muppet Show by pirateliera 

11. A group of geek and a hot geek blow stuff up in the name of science. Mythbusters by ginnycarol 

12. Time-travelling ghosts teach a cheap old British guy to be less of an asshole. A Christmas Carol, by pirateliera 

13. Orphan girl travels with two conmen to visit her grandmother she doesn't remember. Anastasia, by ginnycarol 

14. Thanks to a discontinued sports car, a boy nearly commits incest with his mother after teaching his father how to use violence. All their lives improve as a result. Back to the Future by therageofstone 

15. Prisoners concoct elaborate escape plan with help from American circus acrobat after learning that their captors intend to turn them into pies. Chicken Run by ginnycarol 

16. Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she runs into and then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again. The Wizard of Oz by therageofstone 

17. Foreign Legion defector, librarian and greedy man try stopping an undead adulterer from destroying the world. The Mummy by ginnycarol 

18. One man is a king, a prophet, a philosopher, a pissboy, and torturer with a musical number that nobody expects.

19. Cyborg detective accidentally thwarts a Diabolical Mastermind's attempts to kill him. His niece and his dog do the rest of his work for him. Inspector Gadget by therageofstone 

20. Old man trying to cope with his wife's death kills their mutual childhood hero, steals his pets and vehicle. Up by ginnycarol 

Have fun kids!

In other news, I have boyfriend. Stay tuned!

ETA: :D Still need answers to 1, 2, 4, 5, 9 and 18. 18 is EASY guys...key words "pissboy" and "no one expects."
 Also, I'm surprised no one's gotten 5....think Discovery Channel. One is really obscure, but amused me, and Two....tis tricksy but I think you can get it.
If you could hang out with any fictional character for a whole day, who would you choose, and why?

While there are any number of interesting individuals who I'd love to spend a day with (I think a good talk with Adelphia or Kem would be hillarious!) I think that one of the most interesting people to hang out with for a whole day would be Albus Dumbledore. I think he'd be up to the most amazing and random things, and would be able to have conversations about everything and anything.