Of Cheese

Sit by the firelight's glow, tell us an old tale we know...

Ally MD
8 August 1987
Hola. I am Adel Sial, and Adel Sial is me.
So, I'm supposed to write a mini-bio of myself. Well, I was born a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away. Well, the midwest is another galaxy for some people. As a child, I was rasied by humans, living on Ponies, cheese, Animated movies, and (strangly enough) Lord of the Rings.
Since, the Ponies have evolved in to a general liking of horses, Animated movies into anime, and my Lord of the Rings obsession has done nothing but grow! And yes, I still love cheese.
My love for Lord of the Rings has since spawned my love for other fantasy, and my love for fantasy books has spawned my love for writing. And my writing begot my drawing.
So, in truth, it all goes back to Lord of the Rings.
Which is how every thing in my life works.

I am currently a creative college student plauged by an over-active muse and less time to do anything about it. I am quite random and enjoy rambling: Beware! I have many fandoms and I dive into my monthly obsessions with energy.

Current Obsessions: Tin Man, Sock Monkeys

Icon is a Tiffany stained glass from a picture I took at the Stained Glass Museum on Navy Pier in Chicago.